What is a Label for Brands and Packaging Customers?

Over the last few years, managing packaging activities has never been so challenging for most companies.
Packaging has always been everywhere, and follows a new user experience.

The packaging development experience is being driven by globa- lization and the need for speed and efficiency.

Engaging new young consumers is key for the Brand Owners, who are putting a lot of effort into design and technology through all available communication channels.

DALIM SOFTWARE - The perfect partner

With DALIM ES and DALIM TWIST, DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH provides a complete HTML5 web platform solution to manage label and packaging production within global marketing projects.

Dalim is a real Partner

This complete packaging and marketing production platform offers easy collaboration from idea to shelf, including annotation and approval of production assets — artwork, proof — and powerful Digital Asset Management to organize and publish content to all communication channels.

The real challenge of the packaging supply chain is to be able to produce and track more SKUs — compliant to the regulatory requi- rements, and suitable for traditional and digital printing processes. — in a faster time-to-market while keeping costs under control.

DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH has demonstrated over the past decades its capability to support its customers in packaging in achieving these goals with solutions that can easily empower label and packaging production — along with all marketing efforts.

Our Partners!

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